Tuesday Tunes

While Madrid is a tour stop for just about every major international act, lately I've been feeling a significant lack of live hip-hop. Maybe that's because the scene is newer here and the options were so strong back in Seattle, but nevertheless, I was feeling the gap.

But a few weeks ago during the annual San Isidro street parties here in the city, I caught a multi-national group of rappers and singers that really just brought it all back. Combining instrumentals with a choir-blessed vocalist and smooth-delivering Brotha CJ, the act was exactly what I'd been looking for. Better yet, the group is based here in Madrid, meaning that I can scratch that hip-hop itch more often. 

Here's a track off Brotha CJ's newest album titled, "Everybody Eats,'" reminding you all that we need to celebrate all that hard work once in a while.