My Life, In Pizza

Hey gente, if it seems like I've been bouncing around a bit, well you're right on the money. In fact, instead of adding an MD or PA to the end of my title, I'm highly considering Kade Krichko, In Flux.

A week ago I started in Cuba before stops in New York, Barcelona, Madrid, and my current temporary residence, Sofia, Bulgaria. Yep, Bulgaria.

Unintentionally enough, I have had pizza in all four of those countries over the past week, testament to either an inquisitive palate or an unfortunate addiction to cheap and greasy food. I like to think it's the former (but realize it's the latter). So instead of a travel blog, I'm giving you a pizza ranking, as well as a few notes. Listen up people, this is important.

#4 Cuba — Think frozen Tombstone Pizza that you got in the school cafeteria, minus the real cheese. This is the go-to snack move in Cuba. On the plus side, it's 20 cents and you can pretend it's something else. Like a taco. Yeah, a pizza taco. That's better.

#3 Bulgaria — This was actually a tougher call than you might think. Bulgaria does pizza well and isn't afraid to mix it up in the flavor department. We're talking ricotta cheese, banana peppers, bacon, and a lot of other flavor adders. Don't sleep on Bulgarian pie.

#2 Spain — Okay, Spain cheated a little bit, because they hired some Sicilians to make some damn decent 'Spanish' pizza. Slices are big and cheap, and they usually come with beer. The Spain-Italy connection is strong in the culinary department, so you know you'll get something tasty.

#1 New York — Notice I didn't put USA here. That's because New York is a small sliver of the country that does pizza right, every time. From $1 to $8, a slice of this stuff is going to be good. I'd say it's in the water, but I really hope that's not the reason.