April Covers

For all of those following along (*cough*) Mom, Lange (*cough*) you may remember that this is actually the second rendition of a much more robust personal musing space known as the (a)Musings of  Bro You Know. I would argue that was some of my most honest, unrefined, and raw work to date. I also think I might have been funnier back then? And I digress.

Anyways, a major part of that blog was posting a new cover song every week, a streak that I kept going for an entire year. Not bad for a spacey college kid. 

This week, I had a track reawaken the cover feelers, and figured I needed to share it with you guys. Ella Eyres' soulful pipes take a stab at Jermaine Stewart's 80s abstinence anthem "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off", and the resulting quirky cover just works for me. Remember folks, we can dance and party, all night...