Sending Japan

The frequent flyer miles have been racking up, and with them, a distinct lack of attention to this blog. In an attempt to get this ship righted, I’m going to try and put some posts and photos together from a recent trip to Japan with 5 awesome compadres. Here goes.

Looking at a plane ticket across the Pacific Ocean is a daunting task. With prices falling in the two to three months of rent range, the lingering insecurities mounted every refresh of the web page. But we did it, we pulled the trigger, and let the chips fall where they may. Luckily for us, those chips fell into deep, endless pow in one of the most beautiful winter locales on Earth, Hokkaido.

This post won’t dive into details, but I wanted to leave everyone with this image. Of all the beautiful photos we were able to snap in Japan, this one resonated with me as a skier. It’s simple. This kid gets it—full steam ahead and totally immersed in a world of snow, speed, adrenaline, and laughter that so many of us are addicted to six months out of the year. If nothing has ever made you feel this way, I urge you to find the something that does. Welcome aboard the Send Train.