A Thin Line

Me and heights....not so much. If I don't have skis on my feet, things get pretty dicey once I get a few dozen feet off the ground. Well, I faced that fear head on last weekend when I was visiting friends and family in Bend, Oregon.

Somewhere along the line my buddy Sam had gotten bored of climbing and decided to push his limits a bit further, jumping on the highlines above Smith Rock State Park. For those that aren't well-versed in obscure adrenaline sports, highlining is essentially slack lining but hundreds of feet above the ground with only a harness separating participants from a certain death plunge.

I wasn't really keen to join in on the action, but I did eventually scoot close enough to the edge of the cliffs to snap a couple pictures. It's good to feel small sometimes, and setting up highlines high above the park definitely had me feeling pretty tiny (see what I mean in the last photo, can you spot the highliner?). Maybe next time I'll tempt the wire...

(Like last time, click the image to see the gallery)